Why is Silicon Valley Technology Companies Suing the Trump Administration?

Why are 127 Silicon Valley technology companies challenging Trump’s immigration policy and filing suit against his temporary travel ban? What grounds do they have to claim that it will increase costs and make US companies less competitive? What is it that they are really trying to protect?

I suggest the answer is not about immigration policy but simply a desire to control labor costs. In short these highly profitable companies are looking to replace American workers with less expensive skilled temporary Continue reading “Why is Silicon Valley Technology Companies Suing the Trump Administration?”

Trump Nominee for Sec of Education will be Great for Colorado Parents

Cullen McDowell

Secretary Devos will be great for Colorado Education

There has been quite a bit of hand-wringing on the left about the nominee for the highest educational office in the land.  The AFT calls her nomination the, “destruction of public education.”  Senator Schumer has pointed her out as one of the nominees that he deems most necessary to obstruct when the hearings begin after the inauguration.  But we as Colorado Republicans and citizens wanting the best for our students should embrace this nominee.

Betsy Devos has been a friend of educational reform for decades.  Spending much of her wealth on campaigns to bring more school choice to parents in her home state of Michigan.  She was one of the architects of the Detroit Charter school system, has served on the board of the Alliance for Schools Choice and was a chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party in the late nineties.  While these area great educational references for a nominee that is not what should excite Colorado Republicans about her future at the Department of Education.

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Voting to Protect Life; Congressman Doug Lamborn

From the Office of Congressman Doug Lamborn, Wed 25th January

This week, Congressman Doug Lamborn voted to permanently ban taxpayer funding for abortion across the federal government.

“The House took an important step with the passage of HR 7, the No Taxpayer Funding of Abortion Act. I am proud a cosponsor of this bill that permanently prohibits taxpayer funds from being spent on abortion by codifying the Hyde Amendment. Since its original passage the Hyde Amendment has saved over 2 million babies. It is a proven life-saving provision, and it is imperative that Congress make permanent these protections that honor the conscience rights of a majority of Americans who do not want their tax dollars going to fund abortions.”  

– Congressman Doug Lamborn (CO-05)

Please click HERE to watch Congressman Lamborn’s pro-life Floor Speech

Obama’s Presidential Job Approval Average is Lower Than Nixon or Bush!

Bill Mottram, Colorado Conservative and Blog Admin

During each President’s term, Gallup conducts daily polling to continuously measure their approval rating and to eventually compute their overall, average approval rating when their tenure is complete. The latest results, which included Obama’s final measure, were published Friday, Jan 20th. This polling history of the average Presidential approval ratings enables an interesting Presidential comparison.

While Obama started his tenure with a strong 60% approval rating, it dropped to the 40%’s by the second year of his presidency. With the exception of two data points, his numbers did not escape this mediocre performance. However, Obama did finish strong with a 59% approval rating (as measured by Gallup) when left office. This helped to raise his overall average. Note: Rasmussen has his exit number at 62%.

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In 1995, Clinton’s approach to immigration sounded very much like Trump.

Bill Mottram, Colorado conservative and Blog Admin

In 1995 Bill Clinton forcefully addressed the problem of illegal immigration in his State of the Union Speech. Interestingly, his proposals mirrored those currently proposed by Trump. He even got a standing ovaition from congress for his strong retoric.

To get a sense of the hypocracy continuously displayed by our friends on the left I suggest you listen to the recording.

Donald Trump Should publicize this speech with the simple statement that “ I am Donald Trump and I approve this message”.

To hear the Clinton speech click here.

The rest of the story: What Obama won’t tell you about his legacy

Caroline Baum, MarketWatch (first published in MarketWatch, Jan 6th, 2017)
From the economy to race relations, the president failed to deliver on his promise of hope and change

Barack Obama accepted the Democratic nomination for the presidency in 2008 in front of Greek columns and full of hope, but how did it turn out?

Donald Trump didn’t wait until Inauguration Day to insert himself into U.S. foreign policy. He broke with precedent when he intervened to pressure Egypt to withdraw a draft U.N. resolution condemning Israel, and the U.S. to veto the final resolution.

At the same time, President Barack Obama is not going quietly into the night. He has used that pen of his to sign a rash of last-minute executive orders commuting the sentences of some prisoners, pardoning others, banning drilling off the Atlantic coast and in parts of the Arctic Ocean, and declaring 1.65 million acres of desert in Utah and Nevada as national monuments.

When he isn’t making mischief for his successor, Obama is busy drafting his legacy, which will culminate in a reprise of the historic moments of his presidency as part of of a Jan. 10 farewell address in Chicago. (Why wait for others to assess your legacy when you can do it yourself?)

Obama is certain to relate his successes from the past eight years, including the enactment of the Affordable Care Act and more than six years of sustained job growth. Then there are a handful of things he would prefer that we forget…

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The Obama Legacy: Regulation Overload.

Bill Mottram, Colorado Conservative and Blog Admin

To try to get a perspective of the Obama administrations enthusiasm for regulatory activity and to explore if their enthusiasm encroached on the excessive, I looked at an interesting database published by the American Action Forum. This database provides detailed numbers of regulations finalized and the associated metrics. The data covered the past 12 years. Unfortunately this only covers the last term of Bush plus the two terms of Obama. When I figure out how to look at their “archive” I will be able to compare the Bush eight years to Obama’s and update accordingly. But the numbers available do tell a story.

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John Elway as our next Governor.

Bill Mottram, Colorado Conservative and Blog Admin

Now that the presidential election is over, interest now turns to the 2018 Governor’s race. As in 2008 and 2012 John Elway’s name has surfaced as a potential Republican candidate. Nothing that I am aware of has signaled his interest. However, if there is any truth in the rumor that he is pursuing an acquisition of the Broncos it is unlikely that he would be a governorial candidate. But the thought is intriguing, particularly to those of us who would like to see the Colorado become a red state once again.

The following article on the subject expressed my thoughts appeared in Sundays Colorado Springs Gazette, Point and Counterpoint column

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‘False news’ is worse than ‘fake news,’ but we can handle the truth

Daniel Cole,  Principal of Cole Communications. 

Originally published in the Colorado Springs Gazette. December 11, 2016     Readers can follow Cole on Twitter @DanielJWCole.

Sometimes, political news needs a disclaimer: “Any resemblance to actual events is purely coincidental.” Now the purveyors of false news in establishment media are warning America against what they call “fake news” on the internet.

“Fake news” refers to false articles published in service of some nefarious agenda – usually, in order to discredit conservatives who believe and share them online. A year ago, long before I ever heard the expression “fake news,” I saw a headline on Facebook: the Supreme Court had issued a warrant for President Barack Obama’s arrest. It’s hard to imagine anyone believing that story, but one of my Facebook friends did.

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Hillary Clinton supporters need to quit whining about the Electoral College

James E. Campbell :UB Distinguished Professor of Political Science at the University at Buffalo, SUNY, and the author of “Polarized: Making Sense of a Divided America”.

Originally Published in MarketWatch : Dec 19, 2016

The Founding Fathers got it right, and California is proof

Hillary Clinton supporters are shellshocked as election results came in. Shocked and appalled by the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency, some supporters of Hillary Clinton have turned to minimizing and even delegitimizing Trump’s election. In an era of severe political polarization, in an election with two candidates seen from the outset in highly unfavorable terms, after the most brutal campaign in modern history, and with an outcome that astonished just about everyone, these reactions are understandable, but wrong.

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