‘False news’ is worse than ‘fake news,’ but we can handle the truth

Daniel Cole,  Principal of Cole Communications. 

Originally published in the Colorado Springs Gazette. December 11, 2016     Readers can follow Cole on Twitter @DanielJWCole.

Sometimes, political news needs a disclaimer: “Any resemblance to actual events is purely coincidental.” Now the purveyors of false news in establishment media are warning America against what they call “fake news” on the internet.

“Fake news” refers to false articles published in service of some nefarious agenda – usually, in order to discredit conservatives who believe and share them online. A year ago, long before I ever heard the expression “fake news,” I saw a headline on Facebook: the Supreme Court had issued a warrant for President Barack Obama’s arrest. It’s hard to imagine anyone believing that story, but one of my Facebook friends did.

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Colorado Senate Republicans Choose Cooke as New Majority Whip

Sean Paige – This is a reprint of a post that first appeared in the Colorado Senate Republican Blog on November 10th.

Colorado Senate Republicans today elected Senator John Cooke (R-Greeley) to serve as Majority Whip for the next two years, a job colleagues jokingly compared to “herding cats.” The Whip’s job is to track where colleagues stand on bills and ensure that the votes are there when needed.

Republicans retained control of the Colorado Senate, by a one vote margin, in Tuesday’s elections, continuing a winning streak they haven’t enjoyed for nearly 20 years.

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Statement on RNC Chairman Reince Priebus Being Named White House Chief of Staff

Steve House, Colorado GOP Chairman, November 13, 2016

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. – Colorado GOP Chairman Steve House released the following statement on Reince Priebus being named White House Chief of Staff under President-elect Donald J. Trump:

“On behalf of the Colorado GOP, we congratulate RNC Chairman Reince Priebus on being named White House Chief of Staff,” said Colorado GOP Chairman Steve House.

“Reince was instrumental in delivering a world class ground game that helped elect Republicans across the country over the last five years, including in Colorado.

“His resolute leadership has left the Republican Party in our strongest position in a generation, and I am thrilled to know he will be fighting alongside President-elect Trump in the White House to make our country great again.”