The rest of the story: What Obama won’t tell you about his legacy

Caroline Baum, MarketWatch (first published in MarketWatch, Jan 6th, 2017)
From the economy to race relations, the president failed to deliver on his promise of hope and change

Barack Obama accepted the Democratic nomination for the presidency in 2008 in front of Greek columns and full of hope, but how did it turn out?

Donald Trump didn’t wait until Inauguration Day to insert himself into U.S. foreign policy. He broke with precedent when he intervened to pressure Egypt to withdraw a draft U.N. resolution condemning Israel, and the U.S. to veto the final resolution.

At the same time, President Barack Obama is not going quietly into the night. He has used that pen of his to sign a rash of last-minute executive orders commuting the sentences of some prisoners, pardoning others, banning drilling off the Atlantic coast and in parts of the Arctic Ocean, and declaring 1.65 million acres of desert in Utah and Nevada as national monuments.

When he isn’t making mischief for his successor, Obama is busy drafting his legacy, which will culminate in a reprise of the historic moments of his presidency as part of of a Jan. 10 farewell address in Chicago. (Why wait for others to assess your legacy when you can do it yourself?)

Obama is certain to relate his successes from the past eight years, including the enactment of the Affordable Care Act and more than six years of sustained job growth. Then there are a handful of things he would prefer that we forget…

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The Obama Legacy: Regulation Overload.

Bill Mottram, Colorado Conservative and Blog Admin

To try to get a perspective of the Obama administrations enthusiasm for regulatory activity and to explore if their enthusiasm encroached on the excessive, I looked at an interesting database published by the American Action Forum. This database provides detailed numbers of regulations finalized and the associated metrics. The data covered the past 12 years. Unfortunately this only covers the last term of Bush plus the two terms of Obama. When I figure out how to look at their “archive” I will be able to compare the Bush eight years to Obama’s and update accordingly. But the numbers available do tell a story.

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Dan Bauer, Bauer Wealth Management

“Bigger than Brexit” is the line many around the globe were uttering in response to Donald Trump’s stunning sweep of the American Electorate that only the most ardent of Trump supporters could have thought possible. As we take a step back and consider the ramification of the election, it seems clear this was not as big a surprise as the media would like people to believe.

With both candidates disliked or distrusted by a majority of the U.S. voters the media did everything in its power to make the election about two personalities. By focusing on the idea that Trump was simply more dangerous, the media and the Democrat party assumed that they had a winning formula. Unfortunately, Trump did little to quell the vitriol with things he said and did while campaigning.

As it turns out, I think the election was far more about differing

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The Trump Affect

Bill Mottram, Colorado Conservative and Blog Admin

With the inauguration still months away the Trump affect is causing some positive rethinking by at least a couple of major US companies.

As reported by Bloomberg Ford had reversed their decision to move the production of the Lincoln MKC from Louisville, Kentucky to Cuautitlan Mexico. Note; the Lincoln MKC is currently manufactured in three plants, two in Mexico plus Louisville. The plan had been to move the Louisville production load of the MKC in 2019 when the agreement with the United Auto Workers Union expires.

Yesterday, a Trump tweet broke the news “Just got a call from my friend Bill Ford, Chairman of Ford, who advised me that he will be keeping the Lincoln plant in Kentucky — no Mexico”.

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