Obama’s Presidential Job Approval Average is Lower Than Nixon or Bush!

Bill Mottram, Colorado Conservative and Blog Admin

During each President’s term, Gallup conducts daily polling to continuously measure their approval rating and to eventually compute their overall, average approval rating when their tenure is complete. The latest results, which included Obama’s final measure, were published Friday, Jan 20th. This polling history of the average Presidential approval ratings enables an interesting Presidential comparison.

While Obama started his tenure with a strong 60% approval rating, it dropped to the 40%’s by the second year of his presidency. With the exception of two data points, his numbers did not escape this mediocre performance. However, Obama did finish strong with a 59% approval rating (as measured by Gallup) when left office. This helped to raise his overall average. Note: Rasmussen has his exit number at 62%.

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In 1995, Clinton’s approach to immigration sounded very much like Trump.

Bill Mottram, Colorado conservative and Blog Admin

In 1995 Bill Clinton forcefully addressed the problem of illegal immigration in his State of the Union Speech. Interestingly, his proposals mirrored those currently proposed by Trump. He even got a standing ovaition from congress for his strong retoric.

To get a sense of the hypocracy continuously displayed by our friends on the left I suggest you listen to the recording.

Donald Trump Should publicize this speech with the simple statement that “ I am Donald Trump and I approve this message”.

To hear the Clinton speech click here.

The Obama Legacy: Regulation Overload.

Bill Mottram, Colorado Conservative and Blog Admin

To try to get a perspective of the Obama administrations enthusiasm for regulatory activity and to explore if their enthusiasm encroached on the excessive, I looked at an interesting database published by the American Action Forum. This database provides detailed numbers of regulations finalized and the associated metrics. The data covered the past 12 years. Unfortunately this only covers the last term of Bush plus the two terms of Obama. When I figure out how to look at their “archive” I will be able to compare the Bush eight years to Obama’s and update accordingly. But the numbers available do tell a story.

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A Solution For the Trump Election Freak-out

Melanie Sturm.

Melanie Sturm lives in Aspen and writes for the Aspen Times. Her column also appears in the Steamboat Springs Pilot. Her website is  www.ThinkAgainUSA.com

You wouldn’t know it from the stock market’s record-breaking tear since Hillary Clinton snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, but the mood among Trump-averse Americans remains bleak.

Blinkered with rage and disbelief because Clinton won more votes than any other presidential candidate in US history (except Obama in 2008), the despondent blame her stunning upset on nefarious reasons such as “whitelash” bigotry, as CNN’s Van Jones fumed on election night, leading many to sever relations with friends and family.

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Who is Chris Suprun?

Bill Mottram, Colorado Conservative and Blog Admin

For those who do not recognize the name Chris Suprun has received notoriety as the only Republican Elector to openly state that he will not cast his Electoral College vote for Trump. This, despite being elected to represent the wishes of the majority of Texas voters who voted for president-elect Trump.

He presented his justification in a recent New York Times article where he expressed his opinion that president-elect Trump ”shows daily he is not qualified for the office”.

So who is Suprun and what qualifies him to make such a decision and betray those who elected him? What ethical or moral standing does he have to defy those who put their trust in him?

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Russians Tried but Failed to Hack the RNC.

Bill Mottram, Colorado Conservative and Blog Admin

The Wall Street Journal reported today that the RNC was the subject of hacking attacks by the Russians. However the RNC security screen blocked these attempts. The one exception was an email account belonging to a long departed RNC staffer.

The revelation of the DNC hack caused the RNC officials to be concerned that they had suffered the same fate. However following an analysis by a private security company and the FBI it was discovered that the RNC security filters had blocked malicious emails of the type that had infected the DNC.

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Status, Day  10 of the Wisconsin Election Recount

Bill Mottram, Colorado Conservative and Blog Admin

The following are Day 10 summary results. Despite the Milwaukee County Clerk being quoted as saying that their count was complete it has not yet been received by the Elections Commission.

The key metric is that Clinton leads Trump by 27 votes. This format will be followed on any future updates.

Click here to review the daily recount spreadsheet.

Sixty out of Wisconsin’s 72 counties have now completed the recount, and all appear to be on schedule to finish by the deadline on Monday.

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The Man in the Arena.

Bill Mottram, Colorado Conservative and Blog Admin.

It is difficult these days to avoid listening to political commentators on the numerous cable and network stations expound on their perceptions and “measurement” of Trump’s pre and post election performance.  While there are some thoughtful and insightful commentators, seasoned by relevant and pragmatic experience, unfortunately that description does not belong to the majority.

This morning as I listened to a couple of particularly shallow commentators and was reminded of a passage from a speech give by Teddy Roosevelt, at the Sorbonne on April 23, 1910. The speech is titled “Citizenship In A Republic”. How appropriate for today’s environment.

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man

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Federal Judge Halts Michigan Recount

Bill Mottram, Colorado Conservative and Blog Admin.

As reported today in the Detroit News, a Federal Judge in Michigan, Mark Goldsmith, ordered a halt to the Michigan recount.  The recount was initiated by Stein of the Green Party who only managed to capture 1.1% of all the votes cast in Michigan.

The count was actually started three days ago. So far it has failed to show any sign of fraud or to show any significantly change to the results. In fact, as reported in the Detroit News, the outcome of the past three days of counting was a change of only 66 votes between Trump and Clinton.

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Status #2 of the Wisconsin Recount.

Bill Mottram, Colorado Conservative and Blog Admin.

This is the second update on the Wisconsin recount. As stated in my last post the numbers used were those reported by the Wisconsin Election Commission. The spreadsheet used in this update was dated 1/5. These count updates are published at the end of each day.

22 counties out of a total of 72 have now reported their complete tallies. This is still small numbers, representing only 12.74% of the total count. A quick review of the “work in process” suggest that the vote delta, currently favoring Trump, could swing towards Clinton as the two big Democratic counties of Milwaukee and Dane are reported. However there is nothing to suggest that there is any jeopardy to the original vote.

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