John Elway as our next Governor.

Bill Mottram, Colorado Conservative and Blog Admin

Now that the presidential election is over, interest now turns to the 2018 Governor’s race. As in 2008 and 2012 John Elway’s name has surfaced as a potential Republican candidate. Nothing that I am aware of has signaled his interest. However, if there is any truth in the rumor that he is pursuing an acquisition of the Broncos it is unlikely that he would be a governorial candidate. But the thought is intriguing, particularly to those of us who would like to see the Colorado become a red state once again.

The following article on the subject expressed my thoughts appeared in Sundays Colorado Springs Gazette, Point and Counterpoint column

Once again Elway’s name has surfaced as a possible contender for Colorado Governor.  Not a surprise, as he certainly has the name recognition, popularity and the money to compete.  My only hope is that he has the desire for the challenge.

First let me say that he is needed in the front office of the Broncos. However, I do understand that after eight years of Hickenlooper, there is a greater need in the front office of the Governor’s Mansion.

I have never met nor had a conversation with John Elway, but I believe I have a sense of the man. Yes, I am in awe of his focus, his determination and his drive. His team leadership skills are unquestioned; his drive is obvious and his persistence is evidenced by his leading the Broncos to five Superbowls.

Note: sporting skills and on-field mastery do translate to the reality of the business world as my  life experience as an athlete, a coach and a high tech executive would confirm. I believe that the lessons learned in team sports including leadership, interpersonal relationships, persistence, teamwork, trust and accountability are invaluable lessons that readily transfer from the playing field to the business community.

I enjoyed many years applying on-field lessons throughout my business career. In my youth I played for one of the top rugby teams in the UK. Later, having immigrated to the US, I became a successful coach at the local, regional and national level. My ultimate honor was coaching the US Eagles against France in Colorado Springs in 1991. This sporting background taught me many valuable skills in identifying talent, managing and motivating people, cultivating the focus, desire, drive and hustle to succeed.  To appreciate the measure of Elway take my experience and multiply by 1000.

So is Elway qualified to be Governor?  In short, yes!

Just look at his post playing successes. Once he finished his playing career, he ventured, successfully, into the car sales business with numerous showrooms in the greater Denver area. He won an Arena League championship with the Colorado Crush and now sits in the front office of the Broncos where as the General Manager of the World champions, he continues to display a growing inventory of talents.  Looking at Elway’s evolving career I am reminded of a quote by Conrad Hilton that “success is but a journey and not the end destination”. Elway is certainly on a journey.

Let us hope that the “Duke of Denver” is ready for the next leg of his journey and ready to take on the challenge of the Governorship of Colorado. Remembering that one of Elway’s on-field attributes was his constant hustle I am reminded of a quote from some old sage who once said “Things come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle”. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a Governor who hustles aggressively for all Coloradoans?

In a 2011 press conference Elway stated that “I know what I don’t know”. So if he chooses to run for Governor, be assured that he will have his eyes wide open, know who and what he needs in his team and will be running to win!

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