Obama’s Presidential Job Approval Average is Lower Than Nixon or Bush!

Bill Mottram, Colorado Conservative and Blog Admin

During each President’s term, Gallup conducts daily polling to continuously measure their approval rating and to eventually compute their overall, average approval rating when their tenure is complete. The latest results, which included Obama’s final measure, were published Friday, Jan 20th. This polling history of the average Presidential approval ratings enables an interesting Presidential comparison.

While Obama started his tenure with a strong 60% approval rating, it dropped to the 40%’s by the second year of his presidency. With the exception of two data points, his numbers did not escape this mediocre performance. However, Obama did finish strong with a 59% approval rating (as measured by Gallup) when left office. This helped to raise his overall average. Note: Rasmussen has his exit number at 62%.

Barack Obama finished his tenure as president with a 47.9% average job approval rating. This means that his approval rating ranks 9th out of 15 post WW2 Presidents.  The three Presidents who performed worse than Obama on this metric were Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and Harry Truman. Note: Obama ranked behind George Bush at #7 and Richard Nixon at #8.

The results were;

  1. John F Kennedy           _____     70.1%
  2. Dwight Eisenhower    _____      65%
  3. George H.W. Bush       _____      60.9%
  4. Bill Clinton                 _____       55.1%
  5. Lyndon Johnson         _____       55.1%
  6. Ronald Regan             _____       52.8%
  7. George W. Bush          _____       49.4%
  8. Richard Nixon            _____       49%
  9. Barack Obama            _____       47.9%
  10. Gerald Ford                _____       47.2%
  11. Jimmy Carter             _____       45.5%
  12. Harry Truman           _____       45.4%

As noted earlieRasmussen Reports Daily Presidential Tracking Poll show a slightly higher exit number for Obama with a 62% approval rating. After four days Trump comes in with an approval rating of 57%, not too far from Obama’s Gallup number of 59% or the Rasmussen 62% number.

Rasmussen tracks a metric called the Presidential Approval Index. This metric looks at the “Strongly Approve” and the “Strongly Disapprove” measures. In the last four days Trump’s index has increased from +2 to +9. Caution: Polls are polls so while these numbers are certainly encouraging they are dynamic and can/will change rapidly.

Gallup US daily survey randomly samples 42,122 adults living in all 50 US States. The methodology includes telephone interviews with 70% being cell phone users and 30% via landline.

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